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Our textile story

Nestled in the foothills of the Alps are Europe’s finest weaving mills that preserve centuries of textile heritage. Both Italy and Belgium have a long history of developing high quality fabrics for the luxury furniture market with a flair for interior design. It was here that our designers worked collaboratively with the leading textile houses to develop the perfect upholstery fabrics for the Curated Sofa Collection.

Passion for perfection

The passion that goes into creating our fabrics has been passed down through the ages. In some cases, five generations of craftsmanship and care have collectively created the textiles available for you to choose from today. Here, the past informs the future; combining years of knowledge and translating tradition into beautiful fabrics that reflect current trends.

The finest raw materials

Our partners are committed to the pursuit of innovation and excellence. They only source and harvest the highest quality raw materials and insist on total control over the production process.

From the hands of experts

It takes a certain type of person to work in textiles. Incredibly dexterous hands, unerring attention to detail, and a commitment to the utmost quality is essential. Everyone who has handled your fabric is an expert in their field, and has learnt to combine years of tradition with state-of-the-art technology to produce consistent results.

Captivating colours and patterns

We have worked with leading producers to design a range of fabric options for each of the luxury sofas in our collection. From beautifully textured crushed velvets to luxuriously light linens, you’ll find a huge selection designed to work in harmony with your home.