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Hallways are some of the most overlooked areas of our homes – which is a shame, as they’re the first place you’ll see when you enter a property, and therefore need to convey a good first impression. Sadly, instead of being a calm and welcoming area of the home, many of our hallways have become dumping grounds or haphazardly ‘converted’ into useable spaces that frankly aren’t that useable!

Now is the time to add some order to your home – think about renovating this often forgotten area,  either by transforming your staircase or converting the under-stair area into a practical space. Completely re-building a staircase can be a costly, time consuming and frustrating process. Instead of re-building you could think about refurbishing the staircase that you already have. Neville Johnson have dedicated project management services that include designers and fitters who can revamp an existing staircase in 48 hours.

By replacing banisters, treads, newels and spindles – the whole staircase area can be completely transformed. Clean, soft-close cabinetry can be incorporated below the staircase - handcrafted to fit any tricky architectural space. Wires and cables can be effortlessly hidden away behind in-built holders to create a seamless and serene study area that maximises useable space in the home and helps to minimise clutter.

Prices start from £3,000 for a fitted furniture concept, and from £2,000 for a staircase renovation. To arrange a free consultation with a Neville Johnson designer or to receive a brochure, please call 0161 873 8333 or log on to



Expert Advice

“Ask yourself: What style do you want? Does your home have a classic or contemporary style as it is important that you consider that is needs to fit within the house? Stairs and landings can be dark so look at the light sources and consider styles which lets light through if it’s a dark space. Do you want to make a statement feature or create a subtle style? A curtail step and volute handrail in oak will give a feel of luxury and grandeur.”

Alan Borra – Sales Manager at Neville Johnson