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Space is becoming ever more valuable and most modern-day households are trying to maximise the living space available in their homes, free from the clutter of everyday life. Many people feel that they have to move home due to not having enough rooms or storage, but there are a number of areas in the home which are just not maximised to their full potential.

Installing floor to ceiling fitted furniture allows even the most awkward of angles, corners and alcoves to become a useful and integral part of your home’s design. By using these typically wasted areas, new spaces for bookshelves, storage and display shelving can become a stylish and possible option.

Neville Johnson can provide a ‘home’ for all of your beautiful personal belongings, from books and photography to a treasured family heirloom, often using areas that standard product manufacturers are unable to utilise. Prices start from £3,000 for a fitted furniture concept. Call 0161 873 8333 or log on to 



Expert Advice

“Ask yourself: What style do you want? Does your home have a classic or contemporary style as it is important that you consider that is needs to fit within the house? Stairs and landings can be dark so look at the light sources and consider styles which lets light through if it’s a dark space. Do you want to make a statement feature or create a subtle style? A curtail step and volute handrail in oak will give a feel of luxury and grandeur.” Alan Borra – Sales Manager at Neville Johnson