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Colour Confidential – Our Guide to Using This Seasons Summer Shades

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Colour Confidential – Our Guide to Using This Seasons Summer Shades

Go bold with colour using this seasons summer shades. Even before the official heatwave was announced, yellow, in all of its guises was hot news. As is earthy terracotta – a beautiful, warm tone that transcends seasons and works with almost any other colour. Want a bright carnival vibe? Mix terracotta with yellow or orange. Going for a sophisticated, subtle look? Accent terracotta with navy or duck egg blue. Blue is also on our leaderboard of colour picks. From the deepest indigo to sky blue, it’s the colour that will give your home a fashionably regal feel.

Experiment with colour

If your home is a homage to neutrals and magnolia, it will make a magnificent canvas for seasonal experimentation. You can add colour with cushions and accessories or by painting a statement wall. Pick out the colours you love in a favourite piece of artwork; change your curtains from winter heavy to summer light and be bold with your shades. Choosing to add colour in this way isn’t as big of a commitment, and you can see which ones work more favourably in your surroundings.

summer shades orange

Dulux warmth with burnt orange |
H&M washed linen duvet cover set

Rich earth tones

You can’t avoid the heat and warmth of earth tones in Mediterranean countries so if your travels have inspired you, why not bring your memories home? Clay tones don’t have to be hot red; they can be shell-pink, sand, ochre or gold. Introduce these bright, summer shades in rugs or throws, cushions or lampshades. Most work beautifully with a neutral backdrop and wooden or leather furniture. Terracotta is a great colour to use in outdoor spaces when the sun’s up, in the seating area of open-plan kitchens or on floors.

summer shades blue

Tres rug in blue
Dulux pale blue

Blue is the new black

Whatever summer shades you choose, blue is the most refreshing colour right now. Reminiscent of the ocean with its calming properties, blue mixes well with many other tones. Blue is less harsh than black; it’s more forgiving and can look more contemporary when paired with other colours. Pastels like sky blue work best with pure white or the palest pink – a beautiful combination for bedrooms and dressing areas. Navy is a stunning backdrop for bold, bright yellow. Duck-egg blue is an excellent foil for terracotta and sand – even shades of grass green.

summer shades yellow

Rose & Grey easy chair |
Dulux trend colour

Yellow. Nature’s mood-enhancer

It’s hard to stay blue in a yellow room. Yellow is the most uplifting colour, whether it’s a soft barely-there hue – perfect for contemporary bedrooms – or a zingy citrus shade, yellow accents are this season’s must-have. Bright colours work beautifully in indoor-outdoor spaces and make a fun choice for accessories. Lemon is a relaxing colour choice in larger spaces like drawing rooms and kitchens and gives the impression of the sun shining on your home all year round.

Whatever you choose, colour can transform your home making it look bigger, brighter and entirely on trend. Whichever colour scheme you opt for you’ll be showing off shades of your personality.


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Black Friday - Substantial Savings For A Limited Time only

black friday sale - limited time only

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