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Low maintenance plants for your home

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Low maintenance plants for your home

With small space living on the rise and the indoor plant trend taking centre stage, there’s never been a better way to easily transform a space. A plant addition to the home is like breathing a breath of fresh air into your room décor, not only does it create a sense of calm, houseplants have NASA proven air- improving qualities. Why not create focal points in rooms, mixing plant types with different heights and textures. Even if you’re not green thumbed we’ve picked out some of the easiest plants to care for, creating your very own urban jungle.

Monstera (Cheese Plant)

One of the more popular houseplants, this tropical looking type comes in many shapes with split leaves and varying green shades. Easy to grow, Cheese Plants live for years, coming with you on every house move they can fit into almost any interior. Incredibly resilient, you only need to water when the plant has become dry to avoid root damage and yellowing leaves.

Viper’s bowstring hemp (Snake Plant)

This graphic looking plant is great housed next to a blank wall, perhaps placed in a modern ceramic pot for that stand out statement. Available in a variety of sizes and leaf colours you can add a contemporary element to any room. The snake plant can handle almost any environment, tolerant of low light levels and dry conditions means those days you forget to water don’t really matter.

Peace Lily

These plants come in a variety of sizes and dependent on the pot they’re housed, they can grow to great heights so it’s worth checking before you buy what species of Peace Lily it is. Peace Lily’s bloom throughout the year, starting green they gradually turn snowy white. We find it best to cut off the flowers once they start turning brown/ green again to maintain the plants health and aesthetic.

Chlorophytum Comosum (Spider Plant)

Spider Plants only need watering weekly so they’re perfect for the low maintenance gardener. Fast growing they’re perfect for well-lit windows, whether in the kitchen or bathroom. It has trailing offshoots that produce “spider babies” you can repot easily to add new plants around your home, or simply give away to family and friends. We love to have them displayed on shelves with trailing greenery adding a soft touch to any interior.


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Substantial savings on all designs - Sale ends Monday

Sale Now On - Ends Monday

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