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July 2014

The Guardian Online featured Neville Johnson on 31.07.14 in a feature on ‘how to create an efficient home office’.

Speaking to one of our designers they asked about the challenges we can face when designing a home office bespoke to each client. Our designer, Brian Pontin said "we get all sorts of requests from our clients for home offices. Some of the spaces can be challenging – from ‘dead spaces’ like underneath the stairs, garages and outbuildings to a workspace inside a wardrobe. The key challenges our designers face when designing a home office, are blending it into the current surroundings, creating a flexible and functional space for both a family and an individual. We have had requests from clients to create a 'dual purpose study', a 'secret study' and 'multiple work stations'." When creating a space unique to you and your needs, it is important to remember what you need from that space and to work with our designers to make the most of the design.