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Luxury Oak Bedroom Furniture

Neville Johnson furniture offers the perfect bespoke solution, which is why this luxury oak bedroom furniture is designed to cater for all storage needs whilst looking timeless and elegant.

A Neville Johnson bedroom is the epitome of luxury and comfort. Every cupboard, drawer and wardrobe is crafted with the utmost care and attention, meaning you can lie back, relax and enjoy your bedroom furniture knowing it's built to last. This luxury oak finish bedroom furniture is perfect for storing all your clothing and accessories. The internal lighting allows for easy viewing of your favourite fashion items, while the glazed bar glass fronted doors offer a snapshot of the contents within. The trinket drawers are designed to not only store your favourite jewellery and treasured items but also display them in an aesthetically pleasing way by utilising partitions and expertly designed dividers. A shoe carousel and integrated tie rack ensure stylish, clutter free living, doing away with those annoying items that always end up at the end of the bed or strewn over the back of a chair. With a Neville Johnson luxury oak bedroom there really is a place for everything.